Friday, October 1, 2010

Photos from Womenade NWA's "Supporting the Girls" Event

Womenade Ladies ready to party with a purpose!

The average American woman wears a size 36B.  Hence, the 36B(ees) Centerpiece!

Bras, Bras, and more Bras!

"Breast in Show" on the left, "Greek Goddess" in the middle, and Theresa on the right!

What a cute "pair!"

Deb gets in the spirit!

Dianne and Julianne collect the money at the door.

Lisa and Theresa making new friends at Jose's.

"Cover" charge was the donation of a new bra, which guests hung on clotheslines as they arrived.

Jody, Angie and Rhonda "Supporting the Girls"

Our celebrity judges and the winners for best decorated bras.

Darren Ray provided the entertainment.  Or did we provide the entertainment for him?  Hmmmm.....

Womenade Ladies and the Old Navy lady

Maude won the doorprize - the 36 B Centerpiece.

McNair teachers out "Supporting the Girls"

Mary Beth and Lisa

Drumming up support along Dickson Street

Tri Delts and the cutest FROG bra of the night!

Tom Yazwinski of KNWA is "Supporting the Girls"

T gets two thumbs up (and a tip)

Sarah and Lisa share a laugh.

No, we didn't create a spectacle. . . not at all . . .

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