Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Womenade - Panty Raid!

Womenade of NWA held a "Panty Raid" on Tuesday, October 7th. The purpose of the event was to tell other women about the simple but powerful concept behind Womenade and to help raise awareness and support of a cause that we believe in.

Roughly 75 women from all over Northwest Arkansas gathered at the Boar's Head Pub inside Powerhouse Restaurant. The price of admission - a package of panties! 425 pairs of NEW panties were collected for needy girls at Fayetteville High School.
Pictured from left to right are the founding members of Womenade NWA: Paula Martucci, Jody Dilday, Lisa Darling, Alison Levin, Danna Grear, and Mary Beth Shields. (not pictured: Susan Thornton & Betsy Reithmeyer)

Lisa Darling shared the history of Womenade. Danna Grear spoke about why Womenade NWA chose to focus on needy high school girls. FHS Counselor Leigh Hudson shared information on the Glass Slipper Project at FHS and a "Spa Day" that is being held this Saturday in preparation for Homecoming.

Our hope is that you left this "party with a purpose" inspired to create your own Womenade group with your friends, and that you will share your story with us!

If we can help you get started, please reach out to the woman who invited you to the Panty Raid. We'll be glad to help!

If you did not sign in, but would like to be invited to future Womenade events, please email us with your name, city, and email address.

We truly believe that there is no limit to what we, as women, can do when we work together.