Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Womenade concept was created in 2001 in Washington, DC when six women friends met for supper in an area restaurant. One of the women, Dr. Ann Kossoff, talked about how she wrote checks from her personal account to help her low-income patients with small bills for prescriptions, co-pays, and field trips. Kossof estimated that she had probably given away close to $10,000 in the past year. One of her friends suggested that they all help pay these costs. Instead of going out to eat, they decided to have several potluck dinners and ask everyone attending to contribute $35.00, the amount of money that would have been spent for a meal at a restaurant. Today, this “simple” idea has sparked groups in surrounding local towns and many states. The Womenade formula has successfully raised money for countless families with financial issues that ranges from medical care to paying for a Little league uniform.

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